Free Stock Photos

Here are a few good places that we’ve found for completely free stock photos that can be used commercially. Please note that some sites have free stock photos only for personal projects, so always read the fine print if you find a new stock photo site. The way most of these sites work is that they offer a limited selection of free photos and entice you to their paid ones.

Free Business Card Design Using

We used to create our business card design in under an hour. is a freemium service, meaning that you can use a free account, but might need to upgrade to a monthly paid account for extras like transparent backgrounds.

There are a lot of Business Card Templates to start with and then you can easily modify the design to fit your brand. Their web-based designer is like a really stripped down Photoshop, which is actually nice for novice users thanks to its simplicity, and there are a lot of Fonts to choose from.

We also really like how they allow you to download the files in PDF, ready to print, even with the free account.

Anyone with graphic design skills will probably be pretty frustrated at the lack of options, like grid-lines or micro-adjustments, so we only recommend using if you need to produce a quick simple design from scratch.

Here is v1 of our business card. Click on it to view the high-quality PDF version.