Smiling Sage Solutions specializes in affordable data migrations and custom integrations for nonprofits. We’re a small caring team based out of Portland Oregon who pride themselves on being able to achieve things deemed impossible or exorbitant by others.

Our focus is on data integrity, which means getting every bit of your data migrated over, helping you identify duplicate records, merging redundant list items and reducing double entry to prevent errors. We’re developers and business analysts so we wrap our heads around your data structure and business practices to ensure data migrations go smoothly and you’re ready to run with your new platform.

We also specialize in Salesforce customization and administration. Salesforce is a powerful platform but it requires someone who understands data structures, reporting and automation to make sure that it’s really working for your organization. We also offer onsite Salesforce training throughout most of Oregon and Washington State.

We keep our rates low enough to be able to serve social service and other types of financially strapped non-profits. Please contact us today at hi@smilingsage.com



Integration Services

We can help you integrate your separate systems so that they stay in sync. There is nothing worse than double-entry, which is ripe for errors. Some of the integrations we’ve done in the past is QuickBooks, DYMO Label Maker, and Payment Providers.

Data Migrations

If you’re switching systems you shouldn’t have to re-enter all your old data or start from scratch just because its hard to import/export data. We can help you make data migrations at least a little less painful.

Custom Software Development

We offer custom software development when there is some special feature you need custom tailored, but usually we can avoid this by finding some slick solutions.


Please email us with a brief description of the services you’re looking for at


We’re a small team of developers, engineers and business analysts who care deeply about helping to produce positive social change in this world. We found that nonprofits are so greatly underserved especially when it comes to data migrations and integrations that we had to do something about so that they could focus on what they do best, helping those in need.

We’re based out of Portland Oregon and remotely serve nonprofit throughout the entire United Sates. We love face to face time so we provide affordable onsite training packages and meet with our Portland clients in their offices whenever possible.

We may seem tiny compared to some of the big tech firms we compete with but there is no comparing the level of service you will receive with us.