Solutions with Love

Smiling Sage Solutions is a small team passionate about helping social service non-profits through database, custom development and other technological solutions. Our mission is to help you lower your overhead and keep your staff focused on what they do best instead of having to wrangle with technology. Basically, we want to help you so you can help your clients more effectively.

Our work philosophy is based around mindfulness and empathy. Basically, we put ourselves in your shoes and think about how we would like to be treated if the roles we’re reversed.

The most effective way we can help you is by streamlining your workflow, like converting paper forms to online versions and automating tedious tasks. We have our own web-based database solution that we provide at an affordable rate, but we can also help you make the most out of whatever system you are currently using.

We offer in-house website and custom development for clients that need very specific solutions to address their business needs. We also offer integration and data importing/exporting services if you’re transitioning between databases or trying to connect two or more systems together.


We realize that IT Services can be unaffordable for some non-profits, so our billing policy is “pay-what-you-can”, meaning we charge industry standard rates but we allow you to pay only what you can afford to at the time. Seriously!  This is a revolutionary practice that is a mix of a “sliding fee scale” and the “gift economy”. This means we are a essentially a not-for-profit enterprise.

Please give us a call today at (971) 319-3709 or send us an email at hi@smilingsage.com.



Database Solutions

Omma, our web-based database is the most cost-effective solution for social service non-profits to streamline their workflow and make their staff happy, but we don’t mind working in other providers databases to make them fit you better if you’re not ready to switch. Salesforce can be a great free option for non-profits if you have the right people set it up for you.

Integration Services

We can help you integrate your separate systems so that they stay in sync. There is nothing worse than double-entry, which is ripe for errors. Some of the integrations we’ve done in the past is QuickBooks, DYMO Label Maker, and Payment Providers.

Data Migrations

If you’re switching systems you shouldn’t have to re-enter all your old data or start from scratch just because its hard to import/export data. We can help you make data migrations at least a little less painful.

Custom Software Development

We offer custom software development when there is some special feature you need custom tailored, but usually we can avoid this by finding some slick solutions.


We want to help people who help people and we’re especially passionate about helping non-profits. We try to keep our fees as fair as possible and we don’t have lofty goals to grow into a big corporation or sell out. We really just like helping people in our community, so we prefer to work onsite and connect with you.

The Head Sherpa at Smiling Sage Solutions is Dmitriy Zasatkin, who has over 14 years of experience helping non-profits and small human-services based businesses with their database and IT needs.


Mariah Komp is the founder and Lead Trainer. She has a background in education and loves to help empower people. She is passionate about teaching. Her friendly soft voice can be really soothing when your technology isn’t working how it should.


How to Convert Strange File Formats

We recently found an awesome semi-free service, called CloudConvert, that helps you convert strange file formats so that you can open the files as Word or PDF. We recommend first trying to open the file through Google Docs, but if that doesn’t work, then CloudConvert should be able to help you.

Free Stock Photos

Here are a few good places that we’ve found for completely free stock photos that can be used commercially. Please note that some sites have free stock photos only for personal projects, so always read the fine print if you find a new stock photo site. The way most of these sites work is that they offer a …